It is becoming accepted that most major chronic illnesses are linked by common metabolic/longevity mechanisms that can be influenced by the choices we make in our lives. Let’s use evidence based medicine to inform these choices.

This program is part of my continuing effort to bring quality evidence based health and longevity information to the general public to help inform these choices.

This is a quick first episode of the show where we describe the motivation for the program and a brief overview of the types of experts on health and longevity that we will can expect to see.

00:30 Revolutionary concept that major chronic illnesses are all linked by common metabolic/longevity mechanisms and these can be influenced by the choices we make in our lives.

01:06 My career as a medical school professor performing research, clinical practice and teaching and learning from experts

01:43 Our upcoming expert guests include:

01:50 A successful cardiac surgeon who now prevents heart disease instead of treating it by surgery

02:00 A leading expert on fasting and controlling when we eat can result in marked health improvements

02:15 A professor of pediatrics and expert on sugar tells us just how dangerous it is for our children.

03:13 An author of a fascinating book recalls the brilliant Nobel prize winning German scientist who elucidated the diet-cancer hypothesis while avoiding the Nazis.

04:40 Chronological age versus biologic age with epigenetic methylation clocks

05:36 Can lifestyle reverse biologic age as measured by methylation clocks?

06:19 Metformin as a possible longevity drug and the TAME trial

06:50 Rapamycin in clinical practice for the indication of longevity.

07:33 Gene therapy for longevity and from an expert who tried it on herself

08:20 A quick win- something that you can do right now for your health


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