It is becoming accepted that most major chronic illnesses are linked by common metabolic/longevity mechanisms that can be influenced by the choices we make in our lives. Let’s use evidence based medicine to inform these choices.

This program is part of my continuing effort to bring quality evidence based health and longevity information to the general public to help inform these choices.

This is a quick first episode of the show where we describe the motivation for the program and a brief overview of the types of experts on health and longevity that we will can expect to see.

00:30 Revolutionary concept that major chronic illnesses are all linked by common metabolic/longevity mechanisms and these can be influenced by the choices we make in our lives.

01:06 My career as a medical school professor performing research, clinical practice and teaching and learning from experts

01:43 Our upcoming expert guests include:

01:50 A successful cardiac surgeon who now prevents heart disease instead of treating it by surgery

02:00 A leading expert on fasting and controlling when we eat can result in marked health improvements

02:15 A professor of pediatrics and expert on sugar tells us just how dangerous it is for our children.

03:13 An author of a fascinating book recalls the brilliant Nobel prize winning German scientist who elucidated the diet-cancer hypothesis while avoiding the Nazis.

04:40 Chronological age versus biologic age with epigenetic methylation clocks

05:36 Can lifestyle reverse biologic age as measured by methylation clocks?

06:19 Metformin as a possible longevity drug and the TAME trial

06:50 Rapamycin in clinical practice for the indication of longevity.

07:33 Gene therapy for longevity and from an expert who tried it on herself

08:20 A quick win- something that you can do right now for your health



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Robert Lufkin 0:01
Have you ever wondered what secrets medical experts use themselves to maintain optimal health and longevity? Hi, everyone. My name is Dr. Robert Lufkin and welcome to the health longevity secrets show, where we talk to the experts and find out their secrets for health and longevity, not only what they recommend, but what they actually do for themselves. My name is Dr. Robert Lumpkin. And I want to welcome you to the very first episode of the health and longevity secret show. Drum roll. Over the last few years, there’s been a revolution in our understanding of how major chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, dementia, and even some cancers are all linked by common longevity mechanisms that we’re just beginning to understand. And most importantly, that we’re now discovering that we can actually influence them through the choices we make in our lives. In fact, I want to show you how to change your life to immediately improve your health and longevity, and prevent or even reverse some of the most disruptive diseases and chronic conditions. I spent nearly my entire career as a physician working as a full time tenured professor at two leading medical schools, where I get to normally see patients perform scientific research, and also both teach and more often than not learn from the many medical students and doctors in training with whom I’ve had the privilege of interacting. In this show, I will be interviewing the top experts in health and longevity and find out their recommendations for lifestyle changes, supplements, test devices, or any other tools to use, not only what they recommend, I will also be specifically asking them what they actually do for themselves. Here are some examples of who will be on the show as successful cardiac surgeon who became tired of treating patients after they got heart disease, and is now changing his practice to show patients how they can avoid getting heart disease all together. We’ll also be hearing from one of the top fasting experts and author about the health benefits of various forms of time restricted feeding. Next, what about sugar? Yes, sugars is bad as everyone says or maybe even worse, we’ll be hearing a lot about sugar and refined carbohydrates. Sugar has now been linked to not only accelerated aging, but also chronic diseases such as diverse as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, dementia, stroke, and even some cancers. Sugar is a carbohydrate, which along with fat and protein are the three macronutrients in our diet. Of the three only fat and protein is required for life. It’s, it’s interesting that carbohydrates and sugars aren’t even required for humans to live. And despite their negative effects on health, people continue to consume increasing amounts of it. A professor of pediatrics, author and leading expert on sugar and nutrition will discuss the striking health benefits of reducing sugar in children. As a father of two young daughters, I know firsthand how difficult this can be. Our expert will explain his detailed method that actually works for accomplishing this. Speaking of nutrition, we will also be speaking with a journalist and author of a great book about the legendary German scientist named Otto Warburg, who was a fascinating riddle of a man. He was acknowledged to be one of Nazi Germany’s greatest scientist, despite the fact that he was Jewish, and also gay. Fortunately for him, there was only one thing that Adolf Hitler feared more than Jews and gay people. And Otto Warburg was Germany’s greatest chance to understand it and possibly even cure it. And that was cancer. Warburg also had a monster ego when he was awarded the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine. His first response was, well, it’s about time. He went on to be nominated in another 47 times in his career for more Nobel prizes. The book reads like the Raiders of the Lost Ark only with diet, cancer, metabolism, Nobel prizes, and some of the greatest scientists of all time. His provocative title is ravenous Otto Warburg, the Nazis and the search for the diet tensor connection.

Another expert we’ll hear from specializes in exercise to slow and yes even reverse biomarkers for aging. Other experts will tell us about using devices such as continuous glucose monitors ketone and acetone monitors and many other exciting health and longevity tools. chronological agent is important biomarker and has their strongest overall association with essentially all chronic diseases. It’s of course easy to calculate just using your birthdate. But other more powerful clocks are coming to help us understand control and even reverse aging. For example, epigenetic methylation clocks are a new revolutionary method of counting Calculating biological age of humans, as compared to chronological age as a possible game changing biometric for longevity research. We will be talking with the founder and CEO of a company that is offering a consumer version of an epigenetic methylation clock using simple saliva, and it’ll cost under $100. Other experts will talk about even newer, more powerful clocks for longevity, glycation, proteomic, and other phenotypical clocks. So now we have clocks, what can we measure with them? We will next speak with a doctor who used methylation clocks to ask the provocative question, can lifestyle changes affect methylation clocks in humans? She just published a revolutionary paper on a small pilot prospective randomized controlled trial that looked at epigenetic age before and after just eight weeks of lifestyle changes. And spoiler alert, she showed that lifestyle changes set the methylation epigenetic clock back three years, she’s now conducting a larger trial, as well as teaching others how to do it for themselves. And she will be showing us exactly how she does it.

What else, Metformin is a safe FDA approved drug that is prescribed for early type two diabetes. It has the unusual effect that at least in one study of 80,000 diabetic patients who took it they live not only longer than diabetics who didn’t take but also longer than normal non diabetic healthy controls. We will be speaking to arguably the world’s expert on Metformin, who is setting up the team Metformin prospective longevity clinical trial. Now, rapamycin is arguably one of the most powerful longevity drugs known. It is also an FDA approved drug. This targets the powerful nutrient sending protein and tour it results in significant lifespan extension in animals. From yeast up to mammals, it’s been stated that if the life extension that rapamycin creates for mice were applied to humans, the result would be equivalent to 10 times the effect of curing all cancers. We’ll be speaking with a physician who has arguably the largest clinical experience in prescribing rapamycin for his patients purely for longevity extension to slow aging. And we will also be discussing with him and equally new powerful drug combination that he has just started adding to the rap Of Mice and with his patients. Now, if lifestyle and drugs aren’t enough to move the health and longevity meter, we’ll also be talking to the founder and CEO of a leading longevity biotech company. That is engineering longevity gene therapy that is available now. And we’ll hear about her experience after trying all three gene therapies on herself. And these are just a few of the experts that we get to hear from Can you imagine if you live your life like they actually do to maximize your own health and longevity and dramatically reduce your risk of major chronic diseases. We all get all kinds of advice about food, exercise, sleep supplements, much of it’s often conflicting, and who has time to follow it all. I’m going to show you what the experts actually do for themselves. And each episode, we’re going to try to include a quick win something you can do for yourself. So here it goes. After you finished dinner, press your teeth immediately and don’t eat anything else. The simple act will contribute to a healthier you and improve your longevity for two reasons. First, brushing teeth just doesn’t prevent cavities. It also prevents heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other problems associated with inflammation also makes it less likely for us to snack because then we have to brush again. Secondly, skipping evening snacks helps control calories, but more importantly, it starts your body and what will be at least a 12 hour fast if you wait until breakfast to eat again. This time restricted feeding has benefits from metabolism, insulin resistance, decreasing inflammation, and a toffee g that you’ll hear a lot more about in upcoming episodes of this program. Now imagine if you could do more of these steps to change your own life significantly to reduce your own risk and the major diseases that we all face in our lives just because he took the time to join us on this show. So if this sounds appealing, hit like and subscribe, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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