Why doesn’t great medical care consistently result in great health?

It’s been my privilege to work as a full professor at some truly world class medical schools. The great challenge I’m seeing is that despite the most advanced medical technologies, more and more people are becoming sick with chronic diseases. These include obesity, type two diabetes, and the resulting diseases of hypertension, dyslipidemia, stroke, heart disease, dementia, and even some cancers.

There’s growing evidence that these chronic diseases are all driven by a common underlying metabolic dysfunction. conventional medical tools such as drugs and surgery, can treat the immediate acute symptoms of the diseases, but usually fail to reverse the root cause. metabolic dysfunction is best addressed with overall lifestyle modification, which our medical system is not currently optimized to deliver.

Along with the breakthroughs in our understanding of metabolic disease, there have been similar advances in our understanding of longevity and aging, all appear to be driven by the same master nutrient sensing systems that are so exquisitely responsive to lifestyle changes.

I believe that lifestyle modification is a major underutilized opportunity to improve both our health and longevity. I’ve now made this my primary focus to help bring evidence based quality information to the general public through podcasts, videos, and other presentations.

I hope that you’ll join me on this exciting journey.

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