Today I’m delighted to welcome back Dr. Stephen Sideroff from UCLA, who will be talking about the longevity online program that we’re planning for spring 2023 And some of those who will be participating. Today we’ll be touching on the work by Liz Parrish, Tina Woods, Tim Peterson, Rakesh Suri and others.

Dr. Sideroff is an internationally recognized expert in resilience, optimal performance, addiction Neurofeedback and alternative approaches to stress and mental health. He is associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, with a joint appointment in the department of Rheumatology at UCLA School of Medicine. He is also director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics.



  • 00: 13 – Longevity online program
  • 00:30 – Introduction to Dr. Sideroff
  • 01:40 – Longevity Summit
  • 05:20 – Gene therapy
  • 10:12 – Resilience
  • 13:15 – Chronic illness
  • 24:30 – Lifestyle choices
  • 26:45 – Biomarkers for chronic diseases
  • 32:33 – Diabetes epidemic
  • 37:13 – Neurofeedback intervention
  • 37:51 – Reversal of phenotypes of aging


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