Robert Lufkin MD

‘Envision a world of love, abundance, and generosity.’

Physician/medical school professor (UCLA and USC) and New York Times bestselling author focusing on the applied science of health, longevity, and consciousness. After reversing chronic disease and transforming his life he is making it his mission to help others do the same.

Helping to reimagine the conventional healthcare model with evidence-based lifestyle modifications and other tools.

His weekly video podcast and social media posts have over 400,000 followers worldwide.

His new book, ‘Lies I Taught In Medical School’ is a New York Times bestseller and has reframed how we think about metabolic health and longevity.

In addition to being a practicing physician, he is author of over 200 peer reviewed scientific papers and 14 books that are available in six languages.

Robert has given invited lectures/keynotes around the world, and was named one of the ‘100 Most Creative People in Los Angeles’ by Buzz Magazine. His latest book “Lies I Taught In Medical School” has just been released.

His honors include serving as President of the Society of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, President of the American Society of Head and Neck Radiology, and numerous other professional affiliations.  Among his many inventions including several patents in artificial intelligence, he developed an MR-compatible biopsy needle which is used worldwide today as the “Lufkin Needle.”

Robert studied computer science at Brown University and completed his medical degree at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

He is currently Adjunct Clinical Professor of Radiology at the USC Keck School of Medicine with an academic focus on the applied science of longevity. He is also Chief of Metabolic Imaging at a large medical network in southern California.


Trailer for my ~45 minute interview on the American Thought Leaders TV program with the great Jan Jekielek.

Sound bite about healthspan and longevity.

Example of social media and video podcast sound bite from an interview with Lillie Kane that received >250,000 views on her popular program.

Sound bite from an interview with the Unfiltered Extra Program with Joe Warner.

Poster for a new  TV series on Longevity with an amazing cast of experts filmed in beautiful locations such as Costa Rica. Appearing on PBS and Discovery Channel.

Sample from keynote presentation at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) to an audience of ~3000 people. 

Sample from keynote presentation at the FLCCC Alliance  to an audience of ~700 people. 

CBS TV news interview on longevity and rapamycin.