There are innumerable products and services to choose from in the health and longevity space. Here are a few that I use myself and/or recommend as worthwhile.   (Please see here for my financial disclosures).


Consultation with Dr Rob or one of his MD Associates

This will be for a private 45 minute personal zoom educational consultation with Dr Lufkin or one of his MD associates. 

What you’ll get:

  • Discuss your history
  • Review lab values
  • Plan best strategies
  • Ask questions

[ For insurance reasons it does not constitute medical advice or the practice of medicine. ]
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At Home Blood Test
One of the most common questions I get asked are which blood tests I routinely obtain for myself. There are several biomarkers that I check on a regular basis. The way I do it is from my home, with a simple finger stick, and then I just mail it in to the lab for processing.

The best deal I’ve found is a service with a package of 22 tests. It includes a couple that I wouldn’t normally test but if I order the entire package, it costs less than $15 per marker and I get the results right away. Includes: Cortisol, insulin, HbA1c, triglyceride, vitamin D, hs-CRP, LDL, HDL, testosterone, TSH, DHEA-S, ferritin, estradiol, homocysteine, ApoB, ApoA1, and more. Also included are recommendations for any abnormal values. Get it here.


DNA Methylation Epigenetic Clock
Our chronological age is the age listed on our driver’s license or passport. Our biological age is the actual age of our various systems. Epigenetic DNA methylation has turned out to be one of the most powerful ways of assessing our biological age.

The epigenome controls how our genes are expressed. And although we can’t really change our genome, our epigenome can be reprogrammed by our lifestyle choices. These markers change in response to factors like nutrition, sleep, stress, and much more. By reading those markers, we can learn about how your body is really aging, directly from the source.

We are evaluating various types of biological clocks and will include our choices here shortly.

Glycosylation Biological Clock
Biological clocks can be valuable to assess our biological age(organism age) vs our chronological age(passport age). There are many types of biological age clocks that range from using epigenetic DNA methylation to cardiac or brain markers. Perhaps the greatest driver of chronic disease and aging is inflammation. The one biological clock that targets chronic inflammation, specifically gycosylation, is the Glycanage Clock. This is the clock that I use when I specifically want to address the overall biological age based on the effects of inflammation on multiple systems. 


Fasting Mimicking Diet
Paired with daily intermittent fasting, occasional prolonged fasting, extending beyond 48-hours, offers an additional layer of physiological benefits. As we discussed earlier, fasting switches off mTOR, allowing autophagy – a cellular cleanup mechanism – to activate. But autophagy doesn’t switch on the moment you stop eating, rather your body needs to fast for enough time to trip the switch. Optimal autophagy benefits don’t truly manifest until after 2-3 days of water fasting. Yet, navigating water fasting beyond two days can be challenging and even dangerous without proper oversight. 

Enter the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD), a groundbreaking solution pioneered by Dr. Valter Longo after decades of exhaustive research and a mission to find a solution to prolonged fasting that could be attainable for most people. The FMD offers a way to experience fasting while still enjoying – and nourishing with – food. Crafted from 30 years of meticulous research, with more than $48 million in R&D, including government funding from the NIH and the EU, the FMD establishes the precise amount and ratio of ingredients and macronutrients to consume. The goal? To provide the optimal amount of nutrients while staying below the radar’s of our body’s nutrient sensing pathways that switch you out of a fast, like mTOR. (20% off with this link):

Nitric Oxide Supplementation
The value of nitric oxide (NO) for our health is without question. The benefits involving our blood vessels, brain cells, and immune system translate into improved health of essentially all the major chronic diseases and longevity itself. While lifestyle choices in food and avoiding mouthwashes can help with our NO levels most of us can benefit from additional help.

Nitric Oxide Innovations provide a number of simple oral formulations that increase levels without the need for a Doctor’s prescription.  This is the go-to source I recommend in this situation.

Fasting Mimicking Supplements
Thousands of studies have shown fasting to have a wide range of health benefits from helping to treat, prevent, or delay most major diseases to even extending lifespan. While most experts agree on the health benefits of fasting, it can be a very difficult lifestyle to maintain and unsafe for certain populations, limiting its clinical applications. But what if there was a way to get the same health and longevity benefits achieved during a fast without actually fasting? This is the question being tackled by Mimio Health, a nutritechnology company creating first-of-their kind biomimetic supplements designed to recreate the benefits of  our body’s natural regenerative states, like fasting.  

After years of human fasting research Mimio Health was able to crack the code. As it turns out, during a fast the body produces a unique set of compounds that, when isolated and given as a supplement, can recreate similar health and longevity benefits. Their product, Mimio, uses a patented combination of these “fasting metabolites” to activate the cellular benefits of fasting on demand with a simple daily pill. Mimio has even been shown to reduce biological age in humans and extend the lifespan of model organisms by up to 96%.

Today, Mimio is helping countless people across the country harness the transformative power of their own biology to enhance their healthspan and live at their peak.

Other Supplements
Longevity and anti-aging companies have fallen short in delivering real results, relying on outdated concepts, ineffective ingredients, and sub-optimal combinations and dosages. NOVOS is changing the game.
As the leading consumer longevity platform, NOVOS is grounded in longevity science. With the help of its team of scientific pioneers from Harvard Medical School, MIT, and the Salk Institute, NOVOS designed the world’s first solution to simultaneously address the 12 scientifically proven root causes of aging.
Their safe and natural over-the-counter products have shown remarkable results in third-party studies, ranging from protecting DNA, reducing cellular senescence, decreasing oxytosis/ferroptosis (a process involved in neurodegeneration), and more.
Given these groundbreaking advancements and their dedication to the science of longevity, it’s clear why I choose NOVOS.

Bone Health
In following a plan for overall health and longevity, one of the most overlooked areas is bone health. Lack of bone health can manifest as osteoporosis and other bone disease. A bone fracture for most people is an inconvenience but certainly not life threatening. In the elderly though it has been reported that 18 to 33 percent of all older adults who have suffered hip fractures will die within a year. Women are at increased risk for bone loss and osteoporosis.

Kevin Ellis, also known as The Bone Coach™, is an expert in bone health and is my go to trusted resource for people with osteoporosis interested in building stronger bones. He has put together a useful and effective program called the Stronger Bones Solution to help you understand your risk for osteoporosis and most of all, what you can do about it. Find out more at

Habitat Optimizing Plasma Exchange
Dr. David Haase’s State-of-the-Art facility, MaxWell Clinic, located in Nashville, TN, is dedicated to unraveling the intricate puzzle of “What Creates Health?” For over 20 years he and his remarkable team of clinicians have been successfully applying innovations in nutrition, genomics, mitochondrial function, systems biology, apheresis, stem-cell programming, and brain optimization so that each patient can lead their happiest and healthiest life.

MaxWell Clinic is the world pioneer in the application of Habitat Optimizing Plasma Exchange (H.O.P.E.) for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and the promotion of Longevity. This remarkable treatment cleans the blood while inducing cellular messages of regeneration.

MaxWell Clinic is your gateway to a new realm of health and wellness. They represent the pinnacle of integrative and functional medicine with their unwavering commitment to high-level research, unmatched cognitive care evaluation, groundbreaking H.O.P.E. treatments, and a focus on longevity. Experience the future of healthcare within the welcoming walls of MaxWell Clinic, where your journey to well-being begins. Discover more at MaxWell Clinic.

Exploring the numerous paths to a healthier lifestyle can often feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to monitoring progress and results. My go-to solution for simplifying this journey is Superpower: the world’s most inclusive and user-friendly longevity system.

With their annual comprehensive baseline test they make sure you know exactly what’s happening in your body and give you a personal plan so you can feel your best. Their marketplace makes it easy to get any preventative health tests and products you could ever need throughout your life, track all of your health data over time in one place, and find the right longevity trained doctors and nutritionists.
Superpower is the world’s first lifelong health partner. Discover more at – it’s a game-changer.

When our efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle need a little extra support beyond over the counter supplementation, addressing more complex needs can be a crucial step. Navigating this intricate field requires the guidance of specialists who are dedicated to this area of expertise. For hormone replacement as well as rapamycin, metformin and other potential longevity candidates, I trust a new company to manage this vital treatment. Among the myriad of choices available, they stand out as my preferred option. I will be announcing the name of this new company here shortly.

Sugar Substitutes

While some people can go cold turkey with sugar and other sweeteners (i.e., artificial, sugar alcohols, stevia/monk fruit), others may be seeking a truly healthy natural sugar.

Our go to sugar, for a number of compelling health reasons (along with great taste and full functionality), is Allulose, a rare, plant-based certified natural sugar.

And the company that I recommend for Allulose products is RxSugar®. RxSugar® offers a wide range of certified Allulose Sugar products, including standalone Allulose Sugar as well as Chocolate Snack Bars, Organic Pancake, Chocolate and Coffee Syrups, and more. Delicious, Clean, Certified, Nutritious.

External Vagal Nerve Stimulators

Autonomic dysregulation is a key driver of inflammation, insulin resistance, and the chronic diseases in this book. While there are many techniques for stress reduction, direct vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) is one of the most exciting areas in this exploding field.

We are evaluating several companies before we give a recommendation. They are some developing breakthrough interventions in this important field.  Watch this space for updates.

Health and Longevity for our Pet Companions

Our pets are an important part of our lives as well as contributing to our health and longevity through stress reduction and teaching us about unconditional love. It stands to reason that we would want to take care of their health. 

Although they differ in important ways from our biology, many of the principles in this book can be applied to the dogs and cats in our lives. We are currently evaluating a thoughtful company that has developed specific foods and treats to increase their longevity. I use them with our dog Butter and she loves them.  We will be announcing this soon.

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